Access problems:

1. As a student, I do not have an ID or password

Your clerkship director must provide this to you.  If your clerkship director does not yet have an access ID and password, they can send an email requesting a reminder to:

For Clerkship Directors

1. Your clerkship ID and Clerkship password does not allow you to take tests- it allows you to click on "For Clerkships" and enter in new students, or review students' scores.

2. If you lose your Clerkship ID and/or password, please email us at:

Test Problems:

2. I did not receive a copy of my test as an email.

Your clerkship director will receive a copy of your scored, completed test.

3. The testing system does not seem to be working. 

Please email us at:

4. I have a Macintosh, and I can't advance to the next question.

This is a known problem.  The testing software that is used is not upgraded as fast as the Mac OS or browsers are.  Please try to use a Windows computer if this occurs to you.

5. I get an error page saying that I must have cookies enabled.

You are probably running your browser at high security (not a bad thing!).  Go to Tools in your Browser window menu, then click on Privacy.  You can then set your security settings.  You can make a trusted site by clicking on "Sites" in the Privacy window, and then adding to your trusted sites.  You should have access now.

6. I have some suggestions for the testing...

Please email us at: